$$ Veteran Physical Disability Board of Review for those who served Sep 2001-Dec 2009 $$


Good morning Fam,

If you or anyone you know was medically-separated from the U.S. military between September 11, 2001, and December 31, 2009, you now have the opportunity to have your disability rating reviewed by the Physical Disability Board of Review (PDBR) to ensure fairness and accuracy.

PDBR reviews cases of veterans who have received less than 30 percent disability rating at no cost or risk to the individuals applying. Of the 15,000 applications already received, the board has recommended more than 2,000 retirements and 2,500 modifications.  Source: Physical Disability Board of Review to veterans: We want to help | https://health.mil/News/Articles/2016/12/28/Physical-Disability-Board-of-Review-to-veterans-We-want-to-help

People may tend to overlook this letter because it looks like spam mail.

The address will read as follows:

SAF/MRBR PDBR (Central Intake Tracking Unit)
550 C Street West, Suite 41
RANDOLPH AFB, TX 78150-4743

My wife received her letter in the mail and was thinking about throwing it out.  She asked what were my thoughts, and I said, “Why not get your money?!”  We both laughed about it.  After the initial application was mailed off in Octoberish…, she received another letter in December 2017 and we are still waiting for the next letter from the Designated Decision Authority (DDA of PDBR).

I hope this information will help someone out there.  I know quite a few off the top of my head right now.  lol… I will be sharing more Food 4 Your Thought messages on my blog. Please sub/follow me…

Stay Blessed

Chris T.

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