Although this instant noodle is not necessarily a cultural food, eating Indomie has been ingrained in our culture so much that not including it to this list feels so, so wrong. Indomie, especially the goreng or fried kind, is incredibly popular across the world. People have made songs, handbags, and the brand has broken multiple Guinness Book of World Records.

Other than the popular Mie Goreng, Indomie also has other flavors such as Kari Ayam, Soto Mie, Bakso Sapi, Rendang, Ayam Jamur, and more. Some Indonesians would also add their own little twists to the Indomie by adding cheese and sausages, pouring milk and cracking and into the broth, or straight up eat the Indomie goreng with a plate of rice.

I can go on and list about a hundred more dishes that defines what it’s like to be an Indonesian but these seven dishes should help you get started on your Indonesian cuisine journey. Selamat makan!

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