Lose Body Fat Fast And Keep It Off For Life!


Hey Fam!  I hope you are having a great day so far.  I just wanted to share some quick info that I’ve gathered during my healthy lifestyle journey.  I hope you find this these tips beneficial.

If you look your best, you will often feel your best, too! Studies have found that people that implement a healthy diet not only look and feel their best but are generally more confident and productive in their lives. Losing weight and looking and feeling your best has never been faster or easier! Here’s how. Follow these fast, fun and easy seven principles, and you will learn how to lose weight fast and share with your best friends a healthy diet that can have heads turning in as little as 14 – 20 days!

Principle 1 For A Healthy Diet: KEEP AWAY from ALL white foods – no white carbs. (flours, pasta, sugars, etc.) that generally metabolize as sugar. No dairy! Regardless of how many times you have been told that dairy is part of a healthy diet, it spikes your insulin (not good!) because it quickly turns to sugar. (exceptions are eggs and cauliflower) Seriously: How do you lose weight fast if most of what you eat turns to sugar?

Principle 2 For A Healthy Diet: Eat the same three foods over and over again 3xDAY EVERY DAY- think of this as fuel not food. BORING – Really boring, but really good for you. Remember, think FUEL!! Seriously: How do you lose weight fast if being entertained by or deriving enjoyment from what you eat is your biggest priority?

The three foods categories to lose body fat fast with a healthy diet are:

One Protein – Turkey, Wild Salmon, Eggs Including yolk, Whey Isolate Protein
One Low Glycemic Bean Serving – Black Beans, lentils, pintos, limas, black-eyed
One Deep Green Raw Vegetable – Spinach, dark greens (choose baby spinach)
Principle 3 For A Healthy Diet: Don’t drink calories – no sodas, sugar, or fruit type drinks. Seriously: How do you lose weight fast if what your drink either metabolizes as sugar spiking your insulin or makes you more acidic requiring more fat reserves to buffer the acid?

Principle 4 For A Healthy Diet: Drink 1 oz of higher pH water (pH>7.3) per every 2lbs of body weight. Seriously: How do you lose weight fast if the water you drink has a pH less than 7.0 and actually helps make you more acidic, once again requiring greater fat reserves to buffer this acid?

Principle 5 For A Healthy Diet: Don’t eat fruit – even low glycemic fruit. Stay away from these, regardless of how good you may have heard they are for you as part of a healthy diet. The reality is, fruits are high in fructose (sugar) and offer little to no nutritional value when compared to the possible negative impact on your insulin levels! The exceptions are berries such as blueberries and strawberries but you must keep your serving portions small! Seriously: How do you lose weight fast if the fruit you eat spikes your insulin levels causing you to become fatter?

Principle 6 For A Healthy Diet: Never eat within 1 hour of going to bed. (Two exceptions if you are famished: Spinach or other deep green salad with a little lemon juice and olive oil, no dressing, OR one scoop of whey isolate protein powder with water) Seriously: How do you lose weight fast if your body has its lowest cortisol levels between midnight and 4am and thus the lowest ability to metabolize fats, carbohydrates, and proteins?

Principle 7 For A Healthy Diet: Cheat Day (or 24 hour period) – eat anything and everything and as much of whatever you want. Cookies, cake, juice, fruit, gum, gummy bears, chips, dip, cheese, pizza. Do this no matter how sick it makes you because it will help keep your endocrine response strong to produce and convert the T4 thyroid hormone to the more active and aggressive T3. Even though this seems like the farthest thing from a healthy diet, going berzerk on your cheat day can keep you from plateauing and storing fat. You will become a maximum burn machine the other 6 days. Note: you might gain 8 lbs on cheat day, but don’t worry. It will be gone in less than 48 hours as your return to the 6 primary principles above. TIP: if you feel like cheating during days 1-6, keep a little spiral-bound notebook with you. Write down ALL your cravings! When cheat day comes, let the tiger (these written down cravings) out of the cage…go wild! Seriously: How do you lose weight fast and stick to a healthy diet if you NEVER have any fun eating and enjoy yourself once and a while. YOU MUST LET THE TIGER OUT AT LEAST FOR 24 HOURS A WEEK!”

Note: This is a proven, simple and fast way to slim down using a healthy diet alone. However, we highly recommend to accelerate your results please supplement this healthy diet with an exercise program adjusted for your level of fitness. Click here for a proven exercise program that can be adjusted for any fitness level.

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Stay Well, Stay Grateful

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