Top Reasons to Eat More Purple Food.


When it comes to nutritional tips, you’ve probably already heard that, the darker the plant, the greater the antioxidant level. Purple foods are included in this category. Purple hued fruits and vegetables in particular are especially rich compounds that fight free-radicals. Flavonoids and anthocyanins are the primary phytochemicals found in the pigmentation of purple colored foods. These antioxidants have a significant impact on health, keeping the immune system strong, preventing diseases and protecting against cell damage.

by Greg Montoya

Following are just a few reasons to eat more polyphenol rich purple foods.

Fights Cancer

The daily consumption of a wide variety of purple foods will help prevent ovarian cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and more. The antioxidants found in purple foods are potent cancer fighters. Research has shown that the antioxidants, flavonoids and anthocyanins, don’t just have growth-inhibitory effects on different types of cancer cells – they also have the ability to stimulate morphological changes in cancer cells that can kill carcinogenic tumors

Protects Against Heart Disease

As with all plant foods, purple fruits and vegetables are nutrient rich and naturally low in fat. These factors help us maintain a healthy weight, consequently reducing the risk of heart disease. Having said that, the antioxidants found in purple foods possess a distinctive kind of power in terms of preventing cardiovascular disease. Consuming a high amount of anthocyanins in particular, has been shown to improve glucose metabolism, LDL oxidation, lipid peroxidation, and reduce a number of other cardiovascular risk factors. Flavonoids overall reduce atherosclerosis and contribute to lower blood pressure.

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation has been linked to several health problems include digestive issues, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis. Addressing these issues can be challenging but the best place to start is reducing inflammation by consuming more colorful plant foods. Purple yams, red onions, cabbage and eggplants are great examples of purple hued anti-inflammatory foods to include in your healthy eating plan. These purple veggies contain flavonoids and additional antioxidant compounds that have been proven to reduce oxidative stress in the body. It’s oxidative stress that causes the cell damage that is responsible for inducing disease and inflammation.

Helps Keep Your Brain Healthy

The antioxidants found in purple foods can keep your brain healthy and help prevent the neurodegenerative diseases that sometimes occur with age.  The anthocyanins and antioxidants found in dark berries, cabbages and other purple toned foods, have been proven to improve memory, increase neuronal signaling in the brain and glucose disposal in the brain cells – all that contribute to sustaining a healthy brain and preventing cognitive decline.

Helps Prevent Infections

Purple foods can help treat infections. For example, the anthocyanins found in cranberries and all other purple vegetables and fruit have been shown to fight and even eliminate the H. pylori, bacteria that is responsible for ulcers and infections. In addition, the flavonoids contained in purple foods have antimicrobial properties that help clear up staph infections.

To Look And Feel Your Best At Any Age, You Must Make Polyphenol-Rich Foods Part of Your Daily Diet! 

Consuming a variety of colorful foods, especially purple foods, plays a vital role in ensuring that the body consistently receives the proper doses of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Besides eating them, juicing a wide variety of nutrient rich fruits and vegetables is a great way to consume your favorite purple foods. Another highly effective alternative is Ageless Impact’s Purple Guardian, a well balance anti-Oxidant, anti-inflammatory supplement that is loaded with potent polyphenol flavonoids. This supplement has been scientifically tested and ensures that you receive the highest quality anti-oxidant polyphenol rich source available.

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