About Me

My name is Christopher Thompson.  I was born and raised in a small town called Cottonton, Al. I spent the majority of my life there until my mom had a stroke.  My aunt and uncle helped my mom out during her recovery by taking me into their home.  After a few years of living with my aunt and uncle, I felt I needed a change of pace in life.

I decided to live with my brother and try out a new school (Columbus High, Ga) and graduated in 1994.    I spent 21 years in the Active Duty Army where I worked in the medical field and received a Bachelors in Management Information Systems Liberty University, and a Masters in Information Technology Management from Trident University International.  All if this education was paid for by the military and I’m very appreciative of everything that I’ve accomplished and decided to do in life.  Now it’s time for me to give back to the world, one word at a time.  To be honest, I’m here to have fun and create a lifestyle.

I AM Christopher Anthony Thompson, retired Army Vet, Blogger, Educator, Herbal
Health Healer, Self-Motivator, and a living PROOF that things can change in your lives. I encourage everyone visiting my site to please like, subscribe, share and/or follow me.

Currently, I enjoy being a stay at home dad, freelance blogger, and loving life in Humble, Texas.